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A Karaoke club in Kompong Speu province, on National Road 4 was raided on 8 August 2013 by the police of the Interior Ministry’s Anti-Human Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Department in collaboration with the provincial authorities, witnessed by prosecutor and AFESIP officials. The effort made following the complaint by AFESIP information gathering and legal team after the information gathered around the case. After a few days of serious work on the issue, the team decided to send the information gathering report to the police for further action.

Following the report by AFESIP peer investigator resided in Kompong Speu province, quoting that the club at Thpong District has committed sex business under the cover of karaoke entertainment club. He indicated in the report that there are 10 to 13 entertainment women, suspecting 3 of them under 18 years old, working as sex workers. They receive $60 wage monthly, while accommodation and food are provided by the owner. It is known that a sex buyer pays $15 to $20 once for sex intercourse, depending on negotiation and the woman also pays $5 to the owner within her income from each client. Most of the clients are Cambodians and Thais who are workers at sugar cane farms in the district.

As the result of the operation, 5 girls were rescued from sex trafficking and the karaoke owner arrested. All the girls were brought to the provincial police station for interrogation, and then to the provincial department of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation for further social action. They lately were then sent to Phnom Penh Tomdy Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center for service provision in terms of health assessment, psychological counseling and record taking and further action. However the suspect was sent to the provincial court for continued legal measures.

In terms of health assessment to the 5 new arrivals, our doctor has initially made personal records of each victim at AFESIP clinic and health assessment including general physical examination, tobacco/ alcohol/drug use, allergy to medication, gynecology, speculum and virginal examination, blood test …… then the victims were transported to the center.

The center on its turn welcomed them by all center staff and especially care takers who provided with new clothes and other necessities, introduced center staff and other residents so that they become familiar to the new friends and environment.

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