AFESIP Cambodia

Acting for Women in Distressing Situations

Date: June 25, 2014


Re: Funding crisis situation


Dear Supporters,


We would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to all the supporters who have been having trusts and confidence in our works.  Your constructive and generous supports as well as your precious commitments have been making significant impacts to the lives of victims as well as survivors of sexual trafficking, including their families and community at large, which our main goal to serve the women and girls, who are in needs of special protection across Cambodia and the region. Together, we have saved thousands of women and girls through our outreach work in entertainment sectors, rescuing and legal assistance, the 3 shelters, clinic, health care, psycho-social supports, education, trainings, and reintegration with either business kits or job placement.  We would not be able to make such meaningful impacts if your supports didn’t exist.


We would like to update the current situation of AFESIP. AFESIP’s programs are depending on financial supports from our donors on a year-by-year basis. The Somaly Mam Foundation (SMF) is one of our biggest donors and supporters for all these years since 2007; we had been proud being a very honorable partner of SMF so far. However, recently on June 12, 2014 afternoon, we had received a shocking news during a meeting with Gina Reiss, the Executive Director of SMF, at Green Palace hotel as she informed that “SMF could not provide fund on general operating support  to AFESIP per our agreement 2014 SMF 001 anymore”. The informed decision was said to be effective immediately within the informed day by strongly suggesting to keep this termination confidential. In the following days, the Executive Director of AFESIP sent a letter to the Executive Director of SMF with the request to consider to at least releasing the grant for the 2nd quarter of 2014 and give certain reasons for the immediate funding termination. AFESIP respected the request of SMF to keep the termination to be confidential but SMF had never responded to AFESIP’s request and question. The reason AFESIP requested for the 2nd installment, despite of the funding termination, was because SMF had never notified AFESIP prior to the effective date of the termination, which AFESIP convincingly continued its activities as per usual without any doubt about funding from SMF. AFESIP requested SMF to issue the official letter so it may use that letter to inform the staffs and other donors about the funding crisis of AFESIP, with the strong hope to receive immediately extra supports from donors. This sudden funding termination will have caused negative impacts on 170 residents at the 3 shelters, supports for reintegrated girls and women, and hundreds of women working in the entertainment sectors. Additionally, because of the immediate funding termination, AFESIP will not be able to accept any other girls and women to be place under its cares. And this hasn’t mentioned about the staffs.


Due to this critical situation and no response from SMF, we could not keep funding termination confidential anymore. With that mentioned, we decided to make this information publicly known to the staffs and supporters. AFESIP management team members had conducted an extraordinary meeting on June 23 to re-structure its emergency situation and develop a strategic plan to deal with such situation. We had conducted a general meeting with staffs on June 24 about this funding crisis situation by cutting off most of the staffs and program activities to save the cost for food for residents at 3 shelters. Cutting-off the staffs and programs will be commenced by end of June so that AFESIP can save cost from early July onward to keep the 3 shelter operated.


Aforthmentioned, may you kindly find it as an update of the crisis situation and emergency re-structure strategic plan to deal with such situation from AFESIP. Once again, we would like to sincerely and deeply thank our supporters for utterly trusting in what we have been doing and constantly supporting us. We would like to take this opportunity to solemnly appeal for fund raising to support for our existing 3 shelters.


We would appreciate very much for your consideration to join us in our effort to preserve this situation to further combat sexual trafficking and sexual slavery in Cambodia as well as in the region.  


Any questions, comments, or suggestions to AFESIP are warmly welcome, and please kindly send to:


Warmest Regards,


Chhoeurth SAO

Executive Director and CEO

AFESIP Cambodia