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A young girl, 11 years old, who is a victim of raped from Kampong Thom province. She was tortured by strangled her neck and raped cruelly. The offender is 20 years old, brick factory worker. He has temporarily been refered to provincial police military. Thanks our partner CWCC for legel supports.

She is safely admitted into AFESIP-Cambodia/ Together1Heart's recovery center on Feb 27, 2017. The physical and mental cares are provided while our education team is working on enrollment of her education to continue her education of "Grade 4".



Dear supporters of AFESIP/Together1Heart-Cambodia

We would like to thank you very much for your continued support to our work on the ground to accomplish our mission and vision. Here is one of our showcases of university scholarship recipients we would like to share with you.

Survivor is a great part of solution

Let’s congratulate Sam Phors* graduation and her professional career as a nurse in healthcare program at AFESIP/t1h-Cambodia.

She is a survivor, who had gone through horrible experiences as the other young women and girls whom we work with. She is one of university scholarship recipients of AFESIP/t1h-Cambodia. She had received secured accommodation, nutrition, education, healthcare, psychosocial counseling support, other life skills training and daily necessities from AFESIP/t1h-Cambodia while she was under in our center in Phnom Penh.

Her dream is to be a nurse. She had studied 3 years starting from 2013 in nursing associate degree in International University in Phnom Penh and graduated by end of 2016. We supported her the education cost and monthly allowance.

During her last year study, she had interned to gain knowledge and experiences in healthcare area in healthcare program of AFESIP/t1h-Cambodia with our part-time medical doctor; in gynecology service in Ketok Mealea hospital, general disease service in Sensok hospital, ICU service in Preah Kossamak hospital etc.

”Today, I am very excited to start my full-time job with AFESIP/t1h-Cambodia in healthcare program after my graduation”. With this career, I believe that I can contribute something to help other young women and girls who are in need to access their basic health care”.

The well-beings of the young women and girls that AFESIP/t1h-Cambodia works with is my primary concern “I want to see them healthy and I promise to do my best to take care them well from bottom of my heart even though there is challenges but I am ready to learn new things and experiences through this career”.

“As a survivor I can touch the feeling of other victims and survivors that why I decided to start my career here because I need to give something back to a community where I live in”;

“I want to be a specialist nurse in the future if I can continue my study and I am confidence I can make my dream come true at one day, so first I need to work and save money for my higher education”.

I would like to take this great opportunity to express my gratitude to all supporters of AFESIP/t1h-Caambodia because without your generosity I could not be here today.

*name is changed.


SR0304, her mother passed away when she was 13 years old and she lived with her disabled farther in very poor condition of living standard. One day, DamnokToek Organization’s staff met her and her father and told her father about the organization services. Her father decided to send her to the center of DamnokToek Organization. She stayed there for 4 years and later she decided to leave and come back to her home. One day her sister who worked as a prostitute lured her to work in a Karaoke parlor at BanteayMeanchey Province. She worked in Karaoke for one month then DamnokToek Organization’s Staff found her and brought her back to the center.


Dear Friends and supporters of NSMF and AFESIP,

We are truly appreciative of your continued support and heartfelt care & concern for the young women and girls who are victims of trafficking, exploitation and indentured slavery. They need your help and your generous contributions are changing their lives.

We're excited to announce that The Somaly Mam Beauty+ Salon is now Vimean Beauty+ Salon. The new name, "Vimean" which means royalty or grandeur in Khmer, highlights the fact that our clients feel like royalty when they visit us and our graduates leave us with an air of dignity that they carry into their successful career in beauty.

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