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Acting for Women in Distressing Situations 

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A large group of AFESIP staff of AFESIP Cambodia and SMF, on the morning of 22 October 2012 led by Mr. Sao Chhoeurth, Executive Director and CEO paid respect to Great King Father Norodom Sihanouk, taken place in front of the Royal Palace.

In August, the charitable organization 88bikes donated 250 brand new bicycles to the women and children at AFESIP centers in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, and Kampong Cham province. The founders, Mr. Dan and Jared Austin, visited AFESIP in June and agreed to provide second-hand (used) and new bikes purchased locally in Cambodia and construct two bike shelters at Siem Reap and Tom Dy centers. 88bikes aims to provide a sustainable, joyful, empowering form of transportation to young people in developing countries, especially in locations where children have faced severe challenges due to war, conflict, poverty, disease, or other regional hardships.

AFESIP Cambodia’s Peer Educator unit was founded in 2004 and is compromised of entertainment women (EW) who work in the sex establishments. They are active, courageous, literate, and well trained by AFESIP social workers. They are recruited in districts with a high concentration of brothels. AFESIP compensates the women monthly for the work they carry out in Phnom Penh city and various other provinces.

The peer educators’ objective is to assist AFESIP social workers in educating groups of entertainment women on how to properly maintain their health, deal with various and often violent clients, and prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Additionally, peer educators help AFESIP social workers identify new comers and report back to AFESIP if further action should be taken. Seven to eight peer educators work regularly in nine districts of Phnom Penh city.

On 5-8 June 2012 at the AFESIP Main Office, Mr. Som Sophatra, Admin HR and Communication Coordinator, and Mr. Mam Khon, Tomdy Center Manager, conducted the initial workshop on Policy and Minimum Standard for Protection of Victims of Human Trafficking to 33 participants—center, program and department managers, and Voices for Change team members. Since then, middle management has been conducting subsequent workshops on the policies to ensure full compliance from all staff at AFESIP.

The children at AFESIP’s Somaly House Center in Kompong Cham province have ambitious dreams for their future. They want to become lawyers, doctors, center managers, journalists, and teachers. Part of our commitment to our beneficiaries is to ensure that they are given the opportunity to attain these goals while growing and maturing in a safe and secure environment.

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