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The movement of human trafficking oriented target to China under the marriage scheme is now seemingly boosting. After the 2 Chinese allegedly attempting to illegally traffic two Cambodian women to China early October 2013 through Stung Treng provincial Cambodian-Lao border, there is another similar case occurring in Siem Reap province.  

A Chinese lady escaped the scene at Siem Reap International Airport’s immigration police station while interrogation was made to 4 Cambodian women, before stamping the passport visa. The police asked one of the women the reasons why the trip is being made, then she reluctantly confessed: “ My parents already took the money from them, now I have to go to China.” The police suspected, then cooperated with anti-human trafficking police to free them and sent them to AFESIP Siem Reap Center for vocational training if they agree and to wait for further investigation and legal action by the court when the brokers will be arrested.

At the center, a woman whose elder sister is now residing in China told our counselor the story: “ When I agreed with my younger sister to leave Cambodia for China, the broker asked me to find more women if they are willing to work in China. Finally I could find 2 more ladies. Passports were issued for all of us….. We are about leaving Cambodia….To make sure, I called my sister in China that we are ready to leave Cambodia. She replied me sobbingly that she is there living like hell, like a slave, please do not come. Even though, rice is well cooked, I have to decide firmly…”

She further added: “We made a trip to Phnom Penh International Airport together in a minibus, got off and waited at “Departure”, then time to leave Phnom Penh, passing immigration police checking our passports. We were brought to a bus and took a plane to Siem Reap destination, where we were rescued.” This was what she told us.

At the center, as usual, when new comers arrive, our staff provides them with all necessities and counseling and made all personal records for filing. Asking whether they are happy to stay at the center, all of them expressed their joy: “yes we are happy to be here for training.”

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